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Stroke and Vision Loss

stroke related vision loss from hemianopia

Vision loss is a devastating event in a persons life, and in the case of a patient who just had a stroke, the vision loss is also unexpected. This causes massive upheaval in a persons life, as all of a sudden they struggle to perform normal, everyday tasks, which up until then they had taken for granted.

Hemianopia or Hemianopsia

The most common vision impairment from a stroke is called hemianopia or Hemianopsia, which is loss of vision in one half of the visual field.

Our low vision eye doctor, Dr. Schoenbart explains:

“For a patient who has just lost visual acuity from a stroke, it is essential for their emotional and physical wellbeing to see a doctor that understands the difficulties they face and can provide hope by showing the patient the variety of tools available to help them regain their independence. Many Stroke patients will experience difficulty walking around without bumping into things, for those patients, just being able to be confident about getting around is a radical positive change in their life.”

Our Long Island Low Vision Doctor, Dr. Steven Schoenbart has been helping patients with Stroke related vision loss since 1986 and is a member of the leading low vision organization, The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists.

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