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Eye Exams In Garden City Long Island

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You may know that the American Optometrist Association recommends eye exams every two years for people that do not wear glasses or contacts and yearly for people with corrective lenses. Once a patient reaches 60, or if they have diseases such as diabetes, the AOA recommends yearly eye exams.

But not every eye exam is the same. When the AOA recommends an eye exam they are recommending a comprehensive eye exam. Unlike online eye exams or budget eye exams (you may have seen an ad for 2 glasses and a free eye exam for $69), a comprehensive eye exam not only looks at your prescription, it also assesses the overall health of your eye, much like a physical at your doctor. The reason why it is so important to get a comprehensive eye exam is that that is how your optometrist can identify different eye diseases or conditions before any complications arise, and in some cases that early detection can be the difference between having long-term vision loss or not.

A comprehensive eye exam is able to detect changes in the pressure of the optic nerve that indicates the early stages of Glaucoma, Glaucoma is called the sneak thief of sight because it rapidly leads to severe vision loss. For patients with Diabetes comprehensive eye exams are able to determine potential risks of diabetic retinopathy, a serious eye disease that often leads to legal blindness. And pediatric eye exams can help determine any issues that may be affecting the child’s ability to perform in school.

At our Garden City Eye Care Clinic, our optometrists, Dr. Schoenbart and Dr. Handell provide comprehensive eye exams for kids, adults, and senior/low vision patients. Our comprehensive eye exams use the latest technology, and our optometrists take their time to provide a thorough examination.

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